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- Sture Norlin

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SchoolVision International collaborates with:

  • Teachers, principals, superintendents and politicians, on a national and international level, to develop individual schools and educational systems.
  • Governmental and community authorities as well as organizations and private enterprises.


From a comprehensive and process-directed view, SchoolVision International provides investigations,
evaluations and seminars about:

  • How to create a school where every child has the opportunity to develop in an optimal way in his/her learning?
  • The principal's pedagogical leadership, the responsibility of the teacher-team, individual developing plans, the work of quality, learning environment etc.
  • The roles of the superintendent and politicians in a decentralized and goal oriented organization.
  • The role of education in organizations' and enterprises'  development of organization and quality as well as in successful growth in a community or region.

"The future of education in Switzerland"

Lecture and panel - discussion at the symposium of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.

Bern. June 16-17, 2011.  

SchoolVision International has, among all,

  • been responsible in Germany for several Principal Training Courses, lectures at different congresses and seminars with teachers and schoolleaders.

To reach your goals - do you believe in Dialogue, which means that you build your relation towards teachers/students on responsibility, confidence and decentralized decision…or do you believe in the Tactics that your relation with teachers and students have to be build on power, control and inspection?


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  • A selection of commissions SchoolVision International has been involved in since 2003;


    • Aug 17. Lecture at the School of Fränsta, The Community of Ånge. " Individualized Learning based on Systems Thinking".
    • Principal (60%), Jan-April, Compulsory School, grade 6-9, Stockholm.


    • Principal (50%), Adult Education, Community of Östersund.


    • Mentor, April-July, to the Principal of School of Gransäter, Community of Håbo.     


    • Principal(50%), Aug-Dec for a free-school with the overriding objective by Conductive Pedagogy, support and help children, young people and adults who suffer from neurological disabilities.        
    • Deputy Principal (60%), Jan-June, Primary School, Sundsvall, Sweden.

    2015 (Jan-July)

    • Principal, Upper Secondary School.


    • 2003. Evaluation practice and forms of inspection by education authorities in different European Countries, Workshop for School Authorities in the Governmental District of Duesseldorf, Kevelaer.
    • 2004. Accountability in the Educational System, International panel discussion, Bertelsmann Foundation, Gutersloh.
    • 2005. Support for children with special needs - a school without segregation.The GEW Bochumer Congress: Zukunft Bildung.
    • 2006. Successful work of school leaders built on Systems Thinking. Seminar within International School Connection, Madrid, Spain. 
    • 2006. Educational agreement as an Instrument for School Development. International research- and practice conference about individual developing plans. Pedagogical Institute at the University of Potsdam, Germany.   
    • 2006. Individualized Learning in Theory and Practice from a Swedish Perspective. Lecture at the annual conference of the German Parents Organization in Porta Westfalica. 
    • 2006. Final Evaluation of the activities within the High Coast Academy, Kramfors, Sweden.
    • 2006. Individualized Learning from a Swedish Perspective. Lecture at the Final Conference of the EU-MAIL Project. Dortmund.
    • 2006. Facilitating the meeting between the Leadership teams of the Dusseldorf Bezirksregierung and the School Administration of Stockholm. 
    • 2007. Individualized Learning Based on Systems Thinking. Seminar within the Summit of International School Connection, Beijing, China. 
    • 2007. Closing lecture at the autumn days for the German Evangelical Schoolleadership Association North. Hamburg. 
    • 2008. International GEW-Congress, Essen. The working place in change - the European perspective. 
    • 2008. Nov-07-June-08.Superintendent(part-time) at the Department of Education, Community of Solna, Sweden. 
    • 2008. International Conference, Learning-Teaching-Leading-School Development. Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.  
    • 2008. International Schoolleadership Course in cooperation with the Technical University of Munchen and the National Institute of Pedagogy in Singapore. 
    • 2009. Seminar about Individualized Learning with Young GEW, Dortmund. 
    • 2009. Working conditions of School-leaders in Sweden contra Germany. Seminar for German politicians and School-leaders, in cooperation with School Inspector Eva Eriksson, Department of Education in Stockholm, Wuppertal. 
    • 2009. Aug-Dec. Principal at the School of Veinge, grade 7-9, Laholm, Sweden.  
    • 2010. Feb-March. Leader of the unity of common education at the The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Sandö.
    • 2010. Stockholm Summit. Speed networking session together with Heidemarie Schäfers, Bezirksregierung, Dusseldorf. 
    • 2010. "Inspiring Education - Shaping the Future of Our Schools" Lecture and paneldiscussion for the Bosch Foundation at the European Foundation Week, Brussels. 
    • 2010. Individual learning - cooperatively created: Teaching and Learning together. Key-note speaker at a conference organized by the Centre of  Teacher Training, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany. 
    • 2011. Successful leadership in schools – aspects of an international discussion. Forum in cooperation with Heidemarie and Gerd Schäfers. GEW-congress, Dortmund.
    • 2011. Key-note speaker at the GEW- congress for compulsory schools in NRW. 
    • 2011. Following-up seminar for former participants of Norlins Principal Training Courses. Mülheim. 
    • 2011. Glance over the borders - Individual Development plan in a School for All. Lecture at the Summit for School Leaders of the Federation of German Evangelical Schools of handicapped children, Templin. 
    • 2011. (2008-2011) 4 courses of Principal Training including Pedagogical Leadership, Sustainability in school development and management of the staff, The Swedish example: creation of an individualized learning culture; teamwork; schoolleadership and  Leadership styles; communication and conflict management: theory and case studies; presentation of visions.
    • 2011. The future of education in Switzerland. Lecture and panel- discussion at the symposium of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. Bern.                 
    • 2011. Aug-Nov. Superintendent, Community of Orsa, Sweden. 
    • 2012-2014. Deputy Head of the Board of Town Planning, Sundsvall.(political mission)

    SchoolVision International cooperates with international networks as:

    • GEW – Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft. The largest Teacher and Principal Trade Union in Germany.

    • EU-MAIL. European Union Project about Individualized Learning in cooperation between Great Britain, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany.


    Sture Norlin, the founder of SchoolVision International, has many years of experience as an educational leader. He has a Masters Degree in Educational Management and Administration at the University of Stockholm, in cooperation with University of Oslo and University of Stanford, USA. 

    His doctoral studies is focused on the role of education as a partner in successful regional and community development.  

    Sture has served in a variety of roles, among other things as a;

    • Superintendent for Education, Culture, Leisure and Social Services in the Community of Tranemo.
    • Development Leader and Principal in the Community of Sundsvall, responsible for management training and for introducing a new model for schooling based on systems theory and teaming.
    • The Department Head of the Swedish National Board of Education's Department of Curriculum Development and Teacher Education in Stockholm.   

    Today, Sture serves as the chief officer for SchoolVision International, working with schools and their communities in countries all over the world.

    Email: sture.norlin[@@]
    Web site:
    Mobile: +46 73 837 66 97
    Björn 168
    862 96 Njurunda

    References about Sture Norlin can be given by

    Heidemarie Schaefer, Former Dean of School / School Inspector, Bezirksregierung, Dusseldorf, Germany. 
    Telephone: + 49-202 272 66869, mobile + 49-170 2463847 
    E-mail: heidi.schaefers [@] 

    "The partnership with Sture Norlin has always been a pleasure - not only because of his knowledge, experience and ability to appear but also because of his susceptibility to the development of North Rhine-Westphalia and his excellent communication skills."

    Örjan Fridner, former Vice Chancellor, Friggesund school, Hudiksvall Municipality 
    Telephone: + 46-651-334 21, mobile + 46-70-383 93 00


    "Sture Norlin not only provides a professional and knowledgeable impression. He also possesses the increasingly elusive ability to present his material, both orally and in writing, so that the audience get answers to their questions - and in addition, the underlying theory is ready for them. In this way, a collaboration with Sture Norlin and School Vision International an ongoing professional development work. I can warmly recommend the School Vision International for assignments within the education sphere. "